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Our Company History

It has always been the desire of Ogbe people to have a bank branch in Afor-Ogbe market, several efforts were made to get any of the conventional banks to setup their branch in Afor-Ogbe, all effort made to this did not materialize. When the peoples bank was formed, we tried to get a people bank branch in Ogbe, This also was not success. However in 1990,the concept of community bank came up and then military Head of State, Gen Ibrahim Babangida setup a community banking system in Nigeria. The community was headed by professor magbogunje as chairman, Alhaji Chawai was the secretary as well as every other eminent Nigerians. Mazi Okechukwu Chris Kelvin Unegbu as member of that communities. The work of the community gave rise to the formation of the National Board Of Community Banks(NBCB). It was in that position he was able to get license for Ogbe Community Bank. While doing this he consulted and had discussion with Ogbe and Non Ogbe indigenes. Such indigene including late Chief Victor Obilor, Mr.Fabian Onyeahialam Onuoha, Chief B.O.S Mmadinobi (as he then was), Late Ben Anyanwu, and professor Jeff Ohanaja. Late Chief Victor Chukwudi Dragged his wife Late Chief/Lolo Mrs.Angelina Obilor otherwise known as Agu-Nwanyi into the foray of setting up a community bank in Ogbe. At that time Late Chief Victor Chukwudi Obilor was resisdent in Warri and part of the requirement for setting up a community bank then was each Community Development Association must own 30% of the shareholding of the community bank, because Late Chief Obilor was resident in warri and Mazi Okechukwu Chris Kelvin Unegbu was resident in Lagos, there was the Problem of logistic. He decided that because of the zeal he has for the setting up of the community bank, he made Mazi Okechukwu Unegbu the Chairman of the Ogbe Community Development Association(OCDA) and Mrs. Zita Unegbu as the Secretary of the OCDA. This was because every document that was to be submitted to the NBCB must be signed by the Chairman and secretary of Community Development Association. This was the position when I secure the license from NBCB from submitting application without the hassle of making any application. The zeal and Nagging by Late Chief(Mrs.) Angie Obilor was a potent force plus the pressure from Mrs. Zita Unegbu. Mazi Okechukwu Chris Kelvin Unegbu went ahead in 1991 to Incorporate the company known as Ogbe Community Bank Limited. When Mazi Okechukwu Chris kelvin Unegbu came home with the license, he presented this to Ogbe people and requested that people should subscribe to shares of the company. I must not fail to mention the strategic role,advice, encouragement and commitment of Late Engineer Innocent Anyanwu from Otulu Ahiara for the setting up of the community bank. I remember that he said when the bank is setup(ebe Alaukwu Ogbe gbalaghara gbakwuru ikoya nwanyi,Ogwugwu Otulu enwe ihe obula mere bank gawa Otulu). So Late Engineer Innocent Anyanwu invested in Ogbe Community Bank Ltd. Mazi O.C.K. Unegbu appointed the pioneer directors in the person of Late Honourable Justice Ogu Ugoagwu, Late Chief Victor Chukwudi Obilor. Mr. Fabian Onuoha, Mrs. Clara osuagwu, Chief B.O.S Mmadinobi(as he then was), Eze Barth Odom and Mazi Okechukwu C k Unegbu. Mr Fabian Onyeahialam Onuoha and Mazi Okechukwu Chis Kelvin Unegbu had to come home and identify a property for letting, bought the initial bank equipment and constructed the bank operating facilities under the supervision of Chief Victor Chukwudi Obilor And Mazi Okechukwu Chris Kelvin Unegbu and Daa Angie. It has to be noted the Chief V.C Obilor and Mazi Unegbu brought the initial capital of N250,000.00 and got a matching grant of N250,000.00 from NBCB which was paid within six months of operation of the bank. Also the initial expenses of the bank done for the setting up of the bank were don pro bono by Chief V.C Obilor, Mr. F.O. Onuoha and Mazi O.C.K Unegbu. The transport expenses of Chief V.C. Onuoha were not paid to them because tjhey offered that for the bank to stand. Also no Director collected any allowance for the first ten years of the existence of the bank. Mr. Fabian Onyeahialam Onuoha and Mazi Okechukwu Chris Kelvin Unegbu recruited the first set of member of staff of the bank who mostly were not bankers and never work in the bank before then. Mazi Okechukwu Chris Unegbu stayed back and trained the Non-bankers for the effective take off of the bank. The bank was then declare open by the then Military Governor of Imo State, represented by his commissioner for finance. The bank was converted from Ogbe community Bank to Ogbe-Ahiara Microfinance Bank Limited from 2006-2010. We are celebrating 25 years of this bank which is the earliest unit microfinance banks in Nigeria, whose balance sheet size at 31th December 2016 is over two hundred and forty million naira(N240,000,000.00). the bank started with the balance sheet of N500,000(Five hundred thousand naira only) and today it has a balance sheet total of over N250,000,000.00(Two Hundred And Fifty Million Naira Only).

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Corporate Information

We are an action driven, fast growing microfinance bank, providing financial services to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME), low income households as well as high net worth individuals. Ogbe MFB started operations over 25 years ago and grew to be a one of the enviable Microfinance Banks around Imo State

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Our Vision and Mission

To establish a unique Microfinance Bank that would be one of the best in the community of Microfinance Banks.

To be a vehicle through which financial literacy, assistance and job empowerment would be available to all and sundry in the community.
Our Core Values are Service, Integrity, and Transparency

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Some of our Milestones

  • - Employment generation in Mbaise and beyond

  • - Empowered many Agricultural and small buisnesses in Mbaise

  • - Attracted funds from Bank of Industry (BON) for businesses in Mbiase at concessional interest rate

  • - Attracted Poverty Alleviation funds from Fairbanks Catholic Diocese in Alaska, USA to help Alleviate rural poverty

  • - Installed two ATMs in collaboration with UBA Plc and Access Bank Plc( but the issue of robbery is affecting effective utilization of this facility)

  • Today the building from where we operate belongs to the bank. We have consistently supported community project as well security of the environment. As a responsible corporate citizen, we have provided a borehole for the community to provide water.


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