We have various types of Loan Products which include the following below

Micro Loans

In Micro Loan, we offer facilities ranging from N1-N500,000 hitch free Loans to our Customers at affordable interest rate and within reasonable tenor.
Our Loan interest rate does not exceed 3% Per month in all our Loan products.

Small and Medium Enterprise Loans (SME)

In SME Loan, we offer facilities above above N500,000 to our customers

Bank of Industry Loans (BOI)

The BOI Loan, enables a customer to take a facility and pay back with an interest of 1.5 percent (1.5%) in the duration is usually 6 months or 1 year.
This Loan is easily accesible by our customers

The Fair Bank Loan

The Fair Bank Loan is made for poverty alleviation. It's a type of Loan given to low profile entrepreneurs to boost their business. The range must not be above N25,000
Note: To be able to access this Loan, the customer must run his/her account for a minimum period of 3 months. Terms and condition applies

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A reduced Interest Rate

We give you best Loans at a very reduced interest. You'er sure to make the most out of this

We believe in time management as we can process your loan request within 24 hours

Because you are already a part of us for sometime, no much paper work is needed as most of the processing are done online. Just get a few things and let's get started


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